The Banalität des Bösen – Was ich dazu denke

...Mit deutschem Untertitel...

What is Evil? What does that means to me? In this video I'd like to share some of my thought about the banality of evil. I Also talk about how I finally decided to enter the competition and what my art could express referring to that topic. All the best for you in those days like now.
Love, Vivien

Can one do evil without being evil? This was the essential question Hannah Arendt asked herself when she reported for the New Yorker in 1961 in the trial against Adolph Eichmann, the former head of the "Central Office for Jewish Emigration" who was involved in the organization of the expulsion and deportation of the Jews and who was jointly responsible for the murder of an estimated six million people. Hannah Arendt sees Eichmann as a man who was not driven by a desire to murder, who did not want to destroy - but wanted to do his job particularly well and carefully. In his private environment he was sociable and inconspicuous. He thus contradicts any philosophical theory of evil, or of the criminal. In a totalitarian system, thoughtlessness is enough to commit the greatest crime in history - a thoughtlessness that Hannah Arendt calls the 'banality of evil'." ~ Banality of evil

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